How to choose a leather bag?

Published: 22nd June 2011
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What is the problem does the customers most concerned about when consider to purchase a leather bag, ? They care most is wether its quality reach a standard, second concern is: the appearance degree, whether bags suit their bodies.

Throughout anyother handbags, it is a made of several parts, as long as these elements are perfect,this bag will have no mistake.and the quality of the bag can be ensure.

Handbags and height

Wide and large handbags are popular, but how to choose a bag according to height and will only do not appear elephants. If the height is above 165 centimeters,Then you should possible choose a bag as long as about 60 centimeters and can put a magizine into it sticks.If The height is 158 centimeter below, it should choose a bag about 50 centimeters and can put a magizine into it across, It will help to scale your body figure .

Handbags and bearing

If you use a small bag then you can fixed it with your alar, avoid bag moving back and forward forthly; Handbag is should be rolled in arms, elbow against waist line into 90 degrees naturally; No belt bag handbags sheets in her chest, or arms along the arm length naturally in the position near the thigh torre, avoid belting Herve Leger Dress clip in the alar!

Handbags and color

In the collocation of handbags, jewelry and dress, color plays a pivotal role.The color diffrent from light to deep may create generous elegant modelling. Handbags and dress color showed sharp contrast, such as black dress collocat with a red bags or a pair of red shoe, it is individual character collocation,it shines at the moment.the Handbags could also be chosen any kind of color with flower skirt or printing jacket patterns,integral feeling lively but elegant style.

Hermes Handbags Outlet and leather

Natural leather will appears grain under the pressure of the thumb, leather elasticity and full degree are better then it rank better. Common goat skins pattern arrangement, thick and present wavy meticulous; Ox skin texture intensive, pore appears irregular pointlike arrangement; Pigskin, surface is coarser, decorative pattern is usually a group of three pore can be hard and it can be soft.

Handbags and manual

No matter how much time you cost on selecting a fashionable handbags,You just want to buy a fine work. Selected a style, before paying you must check carefully whether the surface and interlining handbag, where a unstitched outside is solid links suspenders; If any metal accessories, must understand material will be easily fade, zipper, and buttons if the functions are not perfect etc neglected steps.

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